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Cleaning and Janitorial Supplies and Equipment

As a supplier of cleaning supplies and equipment, we understand that our professional customers have their own unique cleaning tasks. We also understand that cleaning is a necessity that there is often little time for. That is why here at Caliber, we offer range of quality cleaning supplies and equipment designed to meet our customer needs at affordable price deals. We got all your cleaning needsfrom vacuum cleaners, wipers, sponges etc. Name it and we got it for you.


Product List

Orbital Ace Floorider

Cleaning machine breakthrough in range of single disc machines. Easy to use and very durable.

Lavor Pro Scrubber Drier 50

Very compact scrubbing machines suitable to work for the maintenance cleaning. Especially suitable for cleaning car shops, sales points, gym, health care etc.

Heva Pocket scraper

This lightweight and compacted scraper with singled edge razor is perfect for removing paint, construction debris, and much more.

Window squeegee

high-quality cleaning tools enable effective, quick and healthy cleaning.

Caliber Duster 2 in 1

Short handle for easy cleaning of reachable surfaces, Attachable long handle 70-120 cm for difficult to reach areas

Magic Sponge

a versatile and safe cleaning material that can get rid of everything from permanent marker stains to scuff marks.

Microfiber cloth

Microfiber cloths are particularly suitable for absorbing liquids and dust and therefore achieve the best cleaning results.

Lobby Dust Pan

Keep litter at bay, both indoors and out, with these superb value dust pan and brush combos.

Floorider mop

The lightweight handle and frame used within the pocket mop system provides easy and effective cleaning with improved ergonomics.

Kentucky mop

This Kentucky mop has a stay flat design for efficiency and looped ends for durability.

Acrylic dust mop

Mop head used to dust the floor. Composed of a herringbone cotton support with two pockets stitched on it for inserting the frames, and of fringes, made up of 100% acrylic, entrapping dust between its fibers.

Soft broom

Ideal for outdoor spaces with rough and uneven surfaces

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