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Air and Hygiene Control Equipment

Air quality directly relates to the health, safety and comfort of the building occupants. Understanding and controlling common pollutants can help reduce the risk of indoor health concerns. Health effects may appear soon after exposure to a pollutant. This includes eyes, nose, and throat irritation, headache and fatigue.

These immediate effects are generally shortterm and treatable. Long-term health effects may also occur years after exposure. This includes respiratory diseases, heart disease, and cancer. Therefore, Caliber will help you deal with these issues. We are providing wide range of air and hygiene control products to choose from.


Product List

Green Air Advanced Air Purifier B-777

Removes odor and increases quantity of oxygen. Inhibits growth of viruses.

Sanitary bin

A sanitary bin is a type of bin provided, normally within toilet facilities, which allows the hygienic disposal of feminine hygiene products

Wudu wash station

the washing of both hand and feet the unit is easily operated and provides stability when users are washing their feet.

Hand soap dispensers

They function to conserve the amount of soap used and stem infectious disease transmission.

Classic pedal bin

Simple, stylish and affordable, this Classic Pedal Bin is designed for daily use in kitchens, bathrooms, offices, and workshops across the country.

Automatic sanitizer

An automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is a device dispensing a controlled amount of sanitizer


A dehumidifier helps reduce musty odors that can accompany mold and mildew. Reducing the potential development of mold on furniture, curtains, bed sheets and clothing.

SS Paper dispenser

A paper-towel dispenser is a device that dispenses paper towels in a public toilet so that hands can be dried after hand washing. Some are operated by a handle, some by pulling the paper from the dispenser, and others by automatic dispensation in response to a motion sensor.

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